Mahesh Nagari Multi-State Co-Op Credit Soc. Ltd.!

With the purpose of uplifting the financially backward lobby from the society, lots of Nagari Co-operative Patsanstha’s are being registered day-to-day. At the same time, Mahesh Nagari is the sole sector that helps to increase the saving habits and thereby raise the living standard of the people in general. Our society was registered on 7th September 1998 & society’s work was started on the auspicious day of “Vijaya Dashmi” on 1st Oct. 1998.

Shri Dhanraj Rathi was Vice Chairman of Mahesh Co-op. Bank Ltd. Pune for fifteen years, presently one of the largest Co-op. Bank in Maharashtra State. The Honourable Chairman and founder member Shri Dhanraj Rathi presently a leading businessman in Pune proved a successful leader by developing a small urban credit society into a large urban credit society.

To fulfill the objectives of society we are trying to give better services to our members & customers with the help of digitalized systems. When the customer enters the premises he is given total hospitality. We hope that we will get full co-operation from the members & depositors to fulfill our objectives. Today the members of Mahesh Nagari are happy and satisfied due to the efficient client service.

Founder : Late Mr. Dhanrajji M. Rathi

Chairman: Mr. Rajesh Dhanrajji Rathi

At the outset extend my sincere gratitude to the late Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru who was the champion of Cooperation and for his relentless efforts to develop the Cooperative movement in India makes me proud to be a part of the same movement and the dream of what he could be to some extent was made possible by me and my colleague.

The State-sponsored cooperative movement in completing ninety years of service to the Indian masses through qualitative development is yet to ensure. Quantitatively, no doubt India takes the lead among all the developing countries in the world. In spite of hurdles that stand in the way of voluntary and viable growth of the movement, India has proved that co-operative can be an instrument for the implementation of planned goals.

The Co-operative movement in Maharashtra is said to be the strongest and flourished and while my association with the movement is quite lengthy and strong, and hence it was my dream to start a credit society for common needs were slowly and gradually migrating from other parts of the city for there means of lively hood. But for me, it was a surprise that no financial support was available for these people. This prompted me and my friend to start an Urban Credit Society which will be a resource of finance to these people at the lowest rate of interest.

Mahesh Nagari Multi State Co-Op. Credit Society Ltd. , Pune

Today the Society is offering loans to people of small means, traders, small businessmen, housewives salaried people to make themselves creditworthy. The concentration of Mahesh Nagari Multistate is not limited to a specific area, presently we are expanding our business operation through a good branch network in other areas such as Sukhasagar Nagar, Tilak road, Singhgad road, Satara road & Plan to open the branch in other states also. This expansion will support the other common people of the said areas.

During the last few years the banking sector has taken up many amendments and our Society is the first working Society in the District with ISO-9001-2000 & SA 8000-2001 Certificate. This is certainly a motivating factor for the best in the financial market.

To achieve this endeavor we extend our sincere thanks to our colleagues, board members, advisory members, staff members, and friends and relatives. We also extend a sincere thank you to Govt. Agencies and other associated members for their support and integrity.

Our Important Achievements

All Female Staff
Trained & Polite Employees
Branch networking in other state
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